About me

Cecilia Figueroa is a native Spanish speaker from Los Ángeles, Chile. Her career in education began over 20 years ago when she moved from Chile to the United States to start her studies in education. Since then, Cecilia has been teaching in the classroom to K-12 students and adults in the states of Massachusetts, Colorado, and California.  


Teaching has helped Cecilia acquire a better understanding of language instructions and develop teaching techniques to provide opportunities for students to explore and exercise multiple intelligence, enabling the new language skills to emerge naturally.


Her background in Tourism and Adventure and her passion for traveling and learning more about her home country Chile, has provided another type of classroom where students practice Spanish skills engaging with locals and learning about the culture.


Teaching Experience

  • Spanish Teacher, San Domenico school       San Anselmo CA

  • Spanish Teacher, Cascade Canyon School Fairfax, CA 

  • Spanish Teacher, The Laureate School         San Luis Obispo, CA 

  • ESL TEacher, The English Connections Santiago, Chie

  • Pre Kindergarten Teacher, Mountain Hope Lutheran Preschool.                                     Boulder, CO

  • High School Spanish Teacher, Parkersburg Christian School.                                   Parkersburg WV