Language Immersion

Come to Chile with me, improve your conversational skills and explore the possibilities.


  • Nature. Atacama Desert, Central Valley, Patagonia, etc.

  • Sport and adventure. Skiing, surfing, hiking, etc.

  • Culture and patrimony. Wine routes, museums, historical towns such as Valparaiso, etc.

  • Urban life. Explore Santiago, the largest city in Chile. This city offers a mix of history and modern life accompanied by breathtaking views of the Andes Mountains.    


I customized trips to meet the traveler's personal interests, such as:
  • Education and professional experiences.
  • Create connections.

Puerto Fui

A small town with much to offer

Located in the Panguipulli community, this charming little town is home to many wonders such as the Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve and the Pirihueico lake, one of the seventh lakes in Panguipulli. The ferry connects Puerto Fui with Pirihueico and from there to the Argentina border. In only a few hours one can go from Puerto Fui, Chile to San Martin de Los Andes, Argentina.

Santiago, Chile

Get to know Santiago

Stay away from the financial district and you will see Santiago. A combination of neighborhoods that offer something for everyone. If nothing else, the streets and its architecture will captivate your interest.